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Should Ethereum use ProgPOW for Proof-of-Work?

Poll created at:2019-01-15T04:17:28+00:00
Voting ended at:2019-01-22T04:17:28+00:00 (a year ago)

All votes are weighted by the current Ether balance of the accounts that did submit votes for this poll.

AnswerVotesEther Voted%

AddressBalanceVoted OnAnswer
0xcc13C804afDd9...2.01 ETH2019-01-16T16:12:55+00:00 (a year ago)No
0xd766d89d3492D...2.06 ETH2019-01-15T18:22:15+00:00 (a year ago)Yes
0x1C13B9B7aF1cC...0.01 ETH2019-01-16T09:05:38+00:00 (a year ago)No
0x4b9889A902ffc...4.1 ETH2019-01-17T19:44:47+00:00 (a year ago)Yes
0x12B86F11a3Eec...5075.25 ETH2019-01-19T07:28:25+00:00 (a year ago)Yes
0xccFb9010a9d08...0.03 ETH2019-01-19T23:10:51+00:00 (a year ago)No
0x29eEded06BB3b...2390.81 ETH2019-01-20T17:48:11+00:00 (a year ago)No
0x0bdC4F12fB57d...2112.53 ETH2019-01-21T05:23:22+00:00 (a year ago)No
0x37B1A1375F492...171.59 ETH2019-01-21T14:52:33+00:00 (a year ago)No
0x5a39d3F04e24C...900.23 ETH2019-01-22T04:06:26+00:00 (a year ago)Yes
0x52f90FD82361a...0.22 ETH2019-01-17T21:27:48+00:00 (a year ago)Yes
0x17552683A8A40...895.09 ETH2019-01-17T22:00:21+00:00 (a year ago)No
0xE9A64a21fb39e...0.1 ETH2019-01-18T07:30:25+00:00 (a year ago)No
0xc8C6986d35d3a...11.79 ETH2019-01-18T08:20:50+00:00 (a year ago)No