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Do you support EIP 958 - Modify block mining to be ASIC resistant

Check out the following reddit post for a detailed explanation and previous discussion regarding a possible Ethereum hardfork that obsoletes Ethereum ASICs:

Poll created at:2018-04-17T06:39:32+00:00
Voting ended at:2018-04-24T06:45:06+00:00 (2 years ago)

All votes are weighted by the current Ether balance of the accounts that did submit votes for this poll.

AnswerVotesEther Voted%
Don't care28.70.1

AddressBalanceVoted OnAnswer
0xb39ab10efA5B8...0.54 ETH2018-04-20T04:35:53+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x1f1f3BAaF6690...8.53 ETH2018-04-20T10:29:08+00:00 (2 years ago)Don't care
0x9937865e1c173...0.07 ETH2018-04-17T13:21:31+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0x5a39d3F04e24C...1060.24 ETH2018-04-17T14:13:11+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x9B8162be936Db...0.95 ETH2018-04-17T06:40:14+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x6E30a40a23509...306.6 ETH2018-04-17T17:47:42+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0x04b3fAAA7c812...1.53 ETH2018-04-17T09:49:58+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xF75b78571F656...0.13 ETH2018-04-17T10:02:41+00:00 (2 years ago)Don't care
0xe2D8F36dE0EEc...12.27 ETH2018-04-17T23:08:03+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0xCC543174068d6...1.28 ETH2018-04-18T07:06:18+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x4b03929cE166e...10.6 ETH2018-04-18T12:06:20+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xaeB2Cc4F47a8a...117.59 ETH2018-04-18T16:23:50+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x995330e37B864...450 ETH2018-04-18T17:36:40+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xBaC1F801Fa292...0.1 ETH2018-04-18T17:48:32+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0x6BE9fa484FA24...0.2 ETH2018-04-18T17:53:12+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xfA6236e28e9Af...18.04 ETH2018-04-18T21:08:20+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0x9f93654a974f0...0.06 ETH2018-04-19T15:02:03+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x217e152956575...32.45 ETH2018-04-20T04:50:17+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x12644b191ee02...3500.06 ETH2018-04-20T11:42:38+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x5583eF0852075...0.21 ETH2018-04-21T19:11:10+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xe85894127e00A...250.18 ETH2018-04-22T15:08:37+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x3311599f84e05...55.47 ETH2018-04-23T01:24:49+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x9735e5b9CCEcE...0.25 ETH2018-04-23T09:16:26+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes
0x96952f45589c5...2.5 ETH2018-04-23T09:23:38+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes