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What EIP addressing ETH issuance AND difficulty bomb changes would you prefer for inclusion in Constantinople?

There are currently three proposals related to the reward issuance AND difficulty bomb (ice age). Each of these proposals has a unique rationale for supporting their case encompassing various perspectives throughout the Ethereum community. Please help the community gauge the support for each by participating in this vote.

Please review the EIP for each proposal in full before voting. The EIPs can be found at:

Note: This vote is meant to improve on the prior vote which did not accurately represent EIP-858 (it only discusses issuance reduction, and has no opinion on the difficulty bomb). Also, EIP-858 and EIP-1240 have been excluded from this vote as both are standalone EIPs choosing to address issuance OR the difficulty bomb. I believe sentiment for these two EIPS should be gauged separately from the three included in this vote as neither are counter/alternate proposals to them, since they do not address both the issuance and difficulty bomb topics.

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