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Do you support a new GPU-only Proof-of-Work algorithm (EIP-1057) to protect Ethereum's transition to Casper?

EIP-1057 is meant to protect the transition to Casper FFG by removing the possibility of custom ASIC influence. This allows an uninterrupted, gradual transition period to Proof-of-Stake in which any kinks can be worked out.

The new PoW algorithm uses an evolving hash function based on the block header. The algorithm is is both memory-bound and core-bound. The memory-bound portion is inherited from the existing Dagger Hashimoto. The core bound portion is designed from the implementation details of modern GPU architectures to fully saturate the GPU's flexible math and memory architecture. This ensures any custom designs would effectively have to implement a full GPU rather than a glorified memory controller.

Overview: Dev meeting: Discussion: Tweet hashtags: #JoinTheFight and #ProgPoW

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