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Should total ETH supply be capped?

Poll created at:2018-04-17T18:41:06+00:00
Voting ended at:2018-04-24T18:41:06+00:00 (2 years ago)

All votes are weighted by the current Ether balance of the accounts that did submit votes for this poll.

AnswerVotesEther Voted%
Yes, at 120m58134.191.1
Yes, but not 120m118.00.2

AddressBalanceVoted OnAnswer
0xF75b78571F656...0.13 ETH2018-04-17T19:13:12+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0x04b3fAAA7c812...1.53 ETH2018-04-17T19:14:05+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xCC543174068d6...1.28 ETH2018-04-18T07:08:27+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes, at 120m
0x4b03929cE166e...10.6 ETH2018-04-18T12:09:09+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xaeB2Cc4F47a8a...117.59 ETH2018-04-18T16:11:09+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes, at 120m
0x995330e37B864...450 ETH2018-04-18T17:36:40+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xBaC1F801Fa292...0.1 ETH2018-04-18T17:46:21+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0x6BE9fa484FA24...0.2 ETH2018-04-18T17:55:15+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0x6E30a40a23509...306.6 ETH2018-04-18T18:27:09+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xfA6236e28e9Af...18.04 ETH2018-04-18T21:09:22+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes, but not 120m
0x219106eF9604f...4513.97 ETH2018-04-18T22:41:00+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes, at 120m
0x1f1f3BAaF6690...8.53 ETH2018-04-20T10:31:06+00:00 (2 years ago)No
0xD2F3B1dD8C40a...1.15 ETH2018-04-20T10:32:55+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes, at 120m
0x12644b191ee02...3500.06 ETH2018-04-20T11:44:38+00:00 (2 years ago)Yes, at 120m
0x96952f45589c5...2.5 ETH2018-04-23T09:27:30+00:00 (2 years ago)No